What application & web servers are needed to run JSP/EJB?


Ankit G asked:

Can I also run PHP in the same server?
I want to develop JSP/PHP applications, I don’t want any hosting service.
Please tell what all softwares are required to code in JSP/EJB/Servlets & also PHP.
Which is the best IDE & app. & web servers to work with.

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yes, everything can be run on the same server, u just ask if hosting company has support for all 3 of them. usually these are on linux servers on apache + mysql + php + jsp/ejb


Anything Java related cannot be executed unless the hosting service supports JAVA.

For Java development the popular IDE is


JSP and PHP are very different and non-cooperating programming languages, you need different servers but they can run on the same machine with no problem.

For PHP get a XAMPP or any custome LAMPP package, they’re dead easy to set up in no time (a ready made PHP+Apache+Mysql+Perl+Python+whatever u don’t need switch off)

One of the better EJB servers is OpenEJB
Most commonly used JSP and Servlet platform is Tomcat

And you definitely will have to install the JAVA runtimes from SUN

The above mentioned MyEclipse is good if you don’t have any experience with java development yet


JBoss is the way to go. JBoss Application Server is the #1 most widely used Java application server on the market. It is a J2EE certified platform for developing and deploying enterprise Java applications, Web applications, and Portals, JBoss Application Server provides the full range of J2EE 1.4 features as well as extended enterprise services including clustering, caching, and persistence. JBoss Application Server includes support for Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) 3.0 which is designed to dramatically simplify the enterprise Java programming model.

The PHP Module is a servlet that allows to run PHP embedded scripts. The servlet calls a native embedded PHP engine with libraries extentions. The PHP servlet allows to run most of the existing PHP scripts.

Use Eclipse as a development platform.


There are several competing JSP implementations. The industry standard is Apache Tomcat. It runs as an add-on to the Apache web server, which can, yes, also run PHP.

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